Distica boasts over six decades' worth of experience in the field of inventory management and distribution to apothecaries, laboratories and healthcare institutions. In 2018, Distica's annual revenue was ca. 17 billion Icelandic króna. 75 employees work for the company.

Distica enjoys a 65% market share of pharmaceutical distribution in Iceland, while also distributing research equipment, operational products and other materials to hospitals, nursing homes, dentists and veterinarians. Distica also distributes consumer goods to businesses.

Distica operates one of the country's most sophisticated warehouses, specializing in the handling of pharmaceuticals and products that require temperature control. Distica aims to deliver the right product, in the quantity specified, in the desired condition, and on time—and in the process has developed an efficient quality and monitoring system.


Gylfi Rútsson

General Manager

Sigurður Traustason

Quality Control

Guðrún Anna Pálsdóttir


Gerður Björt Pálmarsdóttir

Business Service

Birgir Hrafn Hafsteinsson



Distica's values—which serve as employees' guiding light—are as follows:

Reliability means honoring one's word, operating with integrity, professionalism and honesty. Our suppliers and customers should be able to trust our words, trusting that we respect the laws, regulations and expectations made of our company.

Candor is the basis for an honest work environment. We strive to communicate clearly and honestly, but in a way that is also considerate and constructive. We welcome the opinions of others and want to stimulate critical thinking. Speaking honestly without beating about the bush also saves time.

Progress symbolizes desire and our employees' endeavor to grow, evolve, mature and do better. We always strive to do better—there being no such thing as a permanent solution. We are open to changes and innovation. We take initiative and challenge the status quo.

Please send inquiries to distica@distica.is . We will be happy to check whether Distica’s distribution solutions are suitable for you or your company.

Company Information

Name:             Distica hf.
ID Number:    680604 – 4010
Address:         Hörgatún 2

Postal Code:         210 Garðabær
Email:         distica@distica.is
VAT Number:     83348

The company is registered in Iceland and operates with a permit from the Icelandic Medicines Agency for the import and wholesale distribution of medicinal products according to Regulation No. 699/1996 and is authorized to manufacture medicinal products in accordance with Regulation No. 893/2004.
The company's quality system is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Warehouse Horgatun
Horgatun 2, 210 Gardabaer

Open between 10:00 and 16:00

Horgatun 2, 210 Gardabaer

Open between 08:00 and 16:00

Warehouse Sudurhraun
Sudurhraun 12a, 210 Gardabaer

Open between 10:00 and 16:00

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